Mile Bank Farm | Blackberry Fairs
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Blackberry Fairs

blackberry fair whitchurch

Blackberry Fairs

Visit Whitchurch during the festive season Whitchurch, sparkling with Christmas lights and decorated shop windows, offering a range of products, from eco-friendly homeware to handmade mince pies. The town is thriving with independent shops, cafes, pubs, and well-known eateries, each contributing to a culture of sustainability with refill options instead of disposable items.

In addition, the town’s library and Civic Centre remain open and inviting, while its churches will be busy preparing for their Christmas celebrations. The bustling market scene is sure to bring a festive atmosphere to the town.

In these challenging times, let’s support each other, our local businesses, and our planet by embracing the Town we love. Whitchurch’s High Street is a true reflection of our community, and I invite you to wrap your arms around it this Christmas.